Gove Versus Reality!

Gove Versus Reality!

This should be required viewing for all trainee teachers and all governing bodies.
An excellent web-site and resource if you want to investigate the truth behind the cynical, systematic undermining of state funded universal education in the UK.

If you do nothing else, watch the eponymous video.  Please do delve deeper – and who knows – maybe protest?

Thanks to NASUWT for the link.

Just suppose… the five points you ended on are a good starting point for any nation state setting up an education system. Sadly, here in the UK at present, a visit to any education show will confirm that education 2013 style isn’t about teaching and learning but about facilities management, legal/HR/financial/accounting and other services.

Lifelong Learning Matters

Jan Murray’s feature on Frank Coffield in the IfL’s InTuition journal caught my eye recently. (See Its title, ‘Just suppose this man ran education’, was a nod to the title of his influential 2008 research paper ‘Just Suppose Teaching and Learning became the first priority’.

Frank Coffield’s 2002 contribution to the Association of Colleges (AoC) annual conference became a landmark speech after he pointed out that, ‘there is nothing about teaching and learning in this whole conference, it’s all about finance and businesses and estates…’. He spoke on the subject of ‘Education before Business’ at the WEA Yorkshire and Humber Region’s Annual General Meeting in Leeds in 2009 and his passion for teaching and learning was all the more infectious because of his modesty and gentle humour as a speaker.

It’s a good time for reflection as a long weekend break approaches, so, in the spirit of Coffield…


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A figure which seems to climb, year on year. One set to continue to grow. Of course, this is an obscene waste of public funds : But obscene because responsible and competent government, governance and management could slash it overnight – by obeying employment and equalities laws. No surprise, then, that Gove, Pickles and the bunch of assorted nitwits want to kill facility time.

North Beds NASUWT

The real “wasters” are the employers who, by their irresponsible employment practices, cost “the hard-working taxpayer”, “hard-working families” and “the long-suffering unemployed taxpayer”, millions of pounds in compensation, not to mention the pain and suffering that results from employer behaviour.

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, secured £15,610,924 compensation for members in 2012.

The figure represented an increase of 24% compared to the 2011 figure of £12,625,509.

The compensation was awarded for successful claims for unlawful deduction of wages, unfair dismissal, breach of contract, constructive dismissal and discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age and trade union activity.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:
“It is clear from these cases that if employers operated good employment and health and safety practice, then teachers would not have had to face these traumatic events and there would not be costs of millions of pounds to taxpayers.

“These employers deliberately flout the…

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Our Last Good Friday: Easter Monday Beginning of the End for UK Poor

Those ‘quietly ignorant, by circumstance or choice’ could choose to not be ignorant and even add their voice to the collective cry of ‘Austerity – That’s Enough!’
Or they could shuffle on by with their head down on the other side of the street.

Scriptonite Daily


As the UK breaks up for Easter weekend most people are quietly ignorant, by circumstance or choice, of the beginning of the end of the welfare state, which begins on Easter Monday.  Today we take a look at what will be happening, how people will be hit, and what we can all do to bring it to a full stop.

The New Poll Tax


As of April, anyone currently claiming Council Tax benefit will see a rise in their annual council tax bill of up to £600 a year.  The stated purpose of the cut is to reduce the current Council Tax Benefit bill by 10% and is in no way based on the reality of the need for financial support of the groups who currently rely on it.

Council Tax Benefit currently supports 5.9 million UK households, 3.2 million contain working people.  It is payable to pensioners, the disabled…

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Birmingham Labour – do not evict!


This letter has been sent from us to all Birmingham Labour Councillors;
“Dear Labour Councillor,
We are writing to you asking you to take action to defend your residents and tenants from the Bedroom Tax.
There are solutions. It would be easy for Birmingham city council to pledge not to enforce the tax. Dundee (SNP) & Brighton & Hove (Green) councils have already announced that they will not be evicting tenants who do not pay the tax.
Chair of Brighton & Hove Green Party, Rob Shepherd, said: “This government is willing to see people thrown out onto the streets purely because they can’t pay their bedroom tax. They can be sentenced to homelessness simply for trying to maintain a normal, liveable family home. The Conservative and LibDem coalition government should be ashamed of itself, and as Greens we will have no part of it”.
We congratulate these councils on their…

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