Birmingham Labour – do not evict!


This letter has been sent from us to all Birmingham Labour Councillors;
“Dear Labour Councillor,
We are writing to you asking you to take action to defend your residents and tenants from the Bedroom Tax.
There are solutions. It would be easy for Birmingham city council to pledge not to enforce the tax. Dundee (SNP) & Brighton & Hove (Green) councils have already announced that they will not be evicting tenants who do not pay the tax.
Chair of Brighton & Hove Green Party, Rob Shepherd, said: “This government is willing to see people thrown out onto the streets purely because they can’t pay their bedroom tax. They can be sentenced to homelessness simply for trying to maintain a normal, liveable family home. The Conservative and LibDem coalition government should be ashamed of itself, and as Greens we will have no part of it”.
We congratulate these councils on their…

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