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Let’s stand up with UNISON to champion the unsung heroes of the schools system

Pride’s Purge

Teaching Assistants in Woolwich ask the Public to Support Them

Cheryl Drabble’s “Dear Mr Gove…”

If you Tweet, make Friday 29 November a day to praise Teaching Assistants – using #LoveTAs – they are not teachers but they are key to the consistent delivery of inclusive education – day in, day out – in UK schools.  Do not let the leaders of your local schools make the mistake of seeing them as a soft target for saving money: those savings will likely prove short-lived and, over time, costly.

Use the hashtag #LoveTAs on 29/11/13!

Let’s stand up with UNISON to champion the unsung heroes of the schools system

please read this; view the video and join the thunderclap.
support teaching assistants – help make the head and governors of your local school think twice about treating their TAs as a soft target for cutting costs.



This Friday, the UK’s largest education union, UNISON is planning a special day of celebration of teaching assistants (TAs) as the unsung heroes of education.

With tremendous changes within the schools system, teachers and support staff face increasing amount of pressures for the delivery of decent education to children. Earlier this year, it was reported that the government asked the teachers review body to look at teachers’ contracts – with a view to them taking on duties currently performed by teaching assistants. This summer, the value of teaching assistants came under sharp attack from the influential think tank, Reform.

Teaching assistants (TAs) carry out a huge variety of tasks, working with teachers to help children learn and develop to be the best they can be. 

They provide one-to-one support for children who need additional help. One-to-one support are often not provided by a teacher due to the importance of delivering lessons…

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Service Birmingham Profits Are The Teeth In The Jaws Of Doom

Sobering thoughts…ahead of the local budget consultations across Birmingham.
I don’t much care to think of our great city getting rolled like a sailor on leave. I’d previously heard about Bailey’s analysis. It is a good piece which deserves wider coverage.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

dec 5th draft B council house gradientthe following article by David Bailey, detailing how Capita’s IT contract with the council is costing us so much money it could, if ended go a substantial way to stopping cuts in council services and social security support, was published by the Birmingham Post

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6 facts that PROVE the Tories are leading the GREENEST government ever!

Also… the mouldy, rotten remains of the monetarist experiment which were dug up to replenish the Tories are green – glow in the dark, putrid green.

Pride's Purge


Credit where credit’s due.

Before the last election, David Cameron said he would lead the greenest government ever.

Well he’s been true to his word!

Here are 6 facts that prove the Tories are leading the greenest government ever:

1) The Chancellor is Green.

Before the UK’s entire economy was put in his hands, George Osborne’s only previous job was as a towel folder in Selfridge’s. You can’t get much greener than that!

2) The Party Chairman is Green

Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps did some of his dodgy business deals under the pseudonym Michael Green. Shapps is Green!

3) Tory Party Donors are Green

Well one of the main ones is anyway. Philip Green – owner of Top Shop, Burton’s and BHS – has been one of the Tory Party’s biggest donors. And he manages to do it without even paying any taxes. Now that’s the kind of…

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2014-2015 Budget Consultation Meetings

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Don’t forget to attend your local budget consultation meeting (details below).
Be aware that the council wants to turn these meetings into discussions on how to find volunteers to run council services for nothing.

Monday 9th December – 10am – 2pm – The Library of Birmingham

Tuesday 10th December – 5:30pm – 7:30pm – The Lighthouse Suite, St Barnabas Church, High Street, Erdington

Wednesday 11th December – 6pm – 8pm – South Yardley Library, Yardley Road

Thursday 12th December – 6pm-8pm – Nishkam Centre, Soho Road, Handsworth

Wednesday 18th December – 6pm-8pm – Bournville College, Longbridge

To book a place at any of these consultations, to explain any access requirements or for more information please contact servicereviews@birmingham.gov.uk

consultation meetings

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The new Birmingham Education Partnership

Here is an opportunity – perhaps the opportunity – for which the delivery of education in Birmingham has long waited.
At present it is a green shoot, pushing its cotyledons up into the light. It represents potential at this point in time; nothing more.
I hope that with time it will gather strength by sending out adventitious roots to tap into the fertile, nutrient rich soils represented by the experience-base of governors, parents, ward forums, local community, local business, educational staff and their representatives. This is a bold move by these headteachers – far more so than the lead shown by the local authority for many years. Extending the range of participants may also seem a bold step – but it is through the ramifying network of democratic channels that this seedling can grow into a robust and sound entity.

Birmingham Campaign For State Education

We welcome city-wide collaboration, but we say don’t restrict it to headteachers

This post is also available to download as a BCASE Briefing document here.

On November 6th 2013 the new Birmingham Education Partnership was launched at a conference of 265 headteachers in the new Library. Its aim is to bring together all Birmingham state-funded schools, including academies and free schools, for mutual collaboration and support, in partnership with the local authority, to raise standards. As the BEP brochure says, ‘The BEP will partner with the city council to ensure challenge and ‘school to school’ support is coordinated for all schools’. (The brochure is available on the BEP website)

A rejection of Gove’s fragmented market

For those headteachers it represents a rejection of Mr Gove’s vision of a fragmented market-place of competing schools and a commitment to the idea that Birmingham needs a coordinated system of schools…

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