Open Letter from Let Our Kids Be Kids – the voice of tens of thousands of parents

Strongly worded and making the point, amongst several points, that ‘parents’ are more than an amorphous, woolly bloc.

Let Kids Be Kids - Campaign for Play based learning

Open Letter from Let Our Kids Be Kids – the voice of tens of thousands of parents who want an end to SAT testing NOW.

Dear Nicky Morgan,

We are aware that you’ve been flooded with open letters recently but this one is a bit different. We’re writing from everybody. We represent the voice of parents across the country. Parents are everybody. They are teachers, they are junior doctors, they are steel workers, they are speech therapists, neuro scientists, academics, small business owners, stay at home mums. Parents aren’t people you can dismiss into a single box; parents are everybody that you were voted in to serve.

  • Children as young as 6 are labelling themselves failures and crying about going to school. We know this because we are parents.
  • The capacity for children of this age to actually learn the concepts you have asked them to learn is questionable. We…

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Cameron’s so-called extremist Imam campaigned for TORIES at last election

…or how a few pictures are worth any number of words and any amount of hot air.

Pride's Purge

At prime minister’s questions today, David Cameron accused Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan of appearing with a London Imam who supports ISIS.

Only one problem. The Imam in question – Suliman Gani – does not support ISIS.

In fact he thinks they’re “evil”:

gani ISIS

And even more amazingly, Gani actually supported – and even canvassed for – the Tories at the last general election:


Here he is with Tory candidate Dan Watkins:

Gani And here he is with Tory MP Tania Mathias:gani 1

And here he is with Zac Goldsmith himself:

gani 2

The Tories are so desperate – or arrogant – they think they can win elections with outright lies and smears. We cannot rely on our biased media to show the truth. 

So please share. Thanks:

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Why SATs are bad for our children

Sophie is...

There are many moments that have stayed with me from my ten years of teaching. The overwhelming majority of them are positive, but there is one in particular that has been circling around my head the past few days that makes me feel so sad about what current government policy is doing to our children’s experience of learning.

Early on in the first term of Year Seven, I often broached the question to my English class “What makes good writing?”. It’s a big question, and not one I ever expected to hear answered in its entirety, but still the responses that I got were pretty telling. The particular set of responses I remember was from Autumn 2012, just before I disappeared on maternity leave. Fresh from SATs preparation, hands shot up as I wrote the question on the board, and the answers spilled out proudly into the classroom: “varied sentence starters”, “correct use of conjunctions”…

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A Letter to the Education Secretary

Feral Brioche

My child is not a genius. He’s fairly bright at best,

He doesn’t have attainment medals glowing from his chest,

He’s pretty well behaved – at least, I don’t hear that he’s naughty –

He’s not a music prodigy, or known for being sporty.

He’s reading not too badly, can decipher what’s on signs,

His writing’s not too scrawly if he keeps between the lines,

He doesn’t have additional needs as far as I can tell,

And up to yesterday, I thought that he was doing well.

But then I got the test results, and thanks to you, I’ve learned

That instead of being proud, I really ought to be concerned.

A five year old that reads and writes seemed pretty good to me –

(Even though he gets confused between the letters B and D)

But it seems he’s way behind, and the levels that he meets

Only indicate…

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A letter of support for our campaign from a current Primary Headteacher in England

“We are expected to teach our children incorrect grammar and punctuation so that they will score highly in the tests. This is ludicrous!”

Let Kids Be Kids - Campaign for Play based learning

Please take time to read, share, print and retweet the following to as many people as you know as the following is from a current Primary Headteacher in England who supports the action we are taking as parents but has asked to stay anonymous…


I am the headteacher of a single form entry primary school on a council estate. I am writing to give my support to your campaign and to explain why.

For some time I have been disillusioned by the high stakes testing regime in our schools which acts against an effective primary education.

In our Nursery and Reception Classes children are full of wonder and show determination and resilience. Children in our Early Years spend the majority of their time outdoors. They confidently choose the resources they need and solve their own problems. Having achieved this level of curiosity, independence and love of learning, we then seem…

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Example of why people are joining us in SUPPPORT of schools & Teachers on May 3rd

For Emphasis: SUPPPORT!
(iPhone hates it but I rather like it.)

Let Kids Be Kids - Campaign for Play based learning

One from many examples of why people are joining in on May 3rd…

My son is actually stressed out – he’s panicking that he’s going to fail these tests. I do everything I can to reassure him but the pressure has got to him anyway…. I’m joining in on May 3rd to show him I’m sticking up for him. I want… time to be a child not to be tested.

Support Schools and Teachers on May 3rd here

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Worried about how you’ll explain your child’s absence to your school on May 3rd?

Let Kids Be Kids - Campaign for Play based learning

If you are worried about how you’ll explain your child’s absence to your school please read this…

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‘Our schools will not be academies,’ says major local authority | News

North Beds NASUWT

It can be done.

Birmingham City Council has passed a motion stating that it does not want its schools to become academies

Source: ‘Our schools will not be academies,’ says major local authority | News

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A teacher’s take on the jargon of explicit teaching…

I know that parents have to decode a lot of jargon whilst their kids are at school. I’m often asked about some of the acronyms commonly seen and heard in my classroom. Perhaps they sound more like a quartet of elderly folks in a retirement home, however WALT, WILF, WALA and TIB are some the latest educational buzz words.

Explicit teaching focusses students toward the learning/understanding/skill, rather than the doing/task/activity. Below are some useful acronyms that are becoming more and more common in schools, for making learning explicit for children.

WALT = We Are Learning To…
Sometimes called a Learning Intention, a WALT  makes the learning, concept, understanding or skill clear to students. For example, “We are learning to use talking marks in our writing”. I find WALTs extremely useful in differentiating between the task or activity and the actual learning…

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