Our Last Good Friday: Easter Monday Beginning of the End for UK Poor

Those ‘quietly ignorant, by circumstance or choice’ could choose to not be ignorant and even add their voice to the collective cry of ‘Austerity – That’s Enough!’
Or they could shuffle on by with their head down on the other side of the street.

Scriptonite Daily


As the UK breaks up for Easter weekend most people are quietly ignorant, by circumstance or choice, of the beginning of the end of the welfare state, which begins on Easter Monday.  Today we take a look at what will be happening, how people will be hit, and what we can all do to bring it to a full stop.

The New Poll Tax


As of April, anyone currently claiming Council Tax benefit will see a rise in their annual council tax bill of up to £600 a year.  The stated purpose of the cut is to reduce the current Council Tax Benefit bill by 10% and is in no way based on the reality of the need for financial support of the groups who currently rely on it.

Council Tax Benefit currently supports 5.9 million UK households, 3.2 million contain working people.  It is payable to pensioners, the disabled…

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