I refuse to surrender to the Marxist teachers hell bent on destroying schools: Education Secretary berates “the new enemies of promise” for opposing his plans.

Well, this is the paper for whipping up hatered for teachers. Beware the Trots, Reds-Under-the-Beds and good ol’ Pinkoes and Commies.
Given their present form I’m only surprised that they are not warning us against Transgendered folk too.
Oh, Littlejohn did that recently.

North Beds NASUWT

This is well worth a read: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2298146/I-refuse-surrender-Marxist-teachers-hell-bent-destroying-schools-Education-Secretary-berates-new-enemies-promise-opposing-plans.html 

Yes it’s written in the name of Michael Gove. Yes it’s in the Mail. Not sure which day. Just read it.

Then when you’ve read it, read it again, calmly and carefully.

When you have stopped laughing ask yourself this question: how can this be written by someone who holds a position  in the government of this country?

It really is incredible.

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