About time, time to clamp down on this sort of Left-Wing, Multiculturalist Claptrap.

Pride's Purge


There was relief yesterday as the prime minister, David Cameron, finally showed a readiness for the coalition government to come to grips with the serious financial and structural problems facing the country by announcing a clampdown on excessive Indian dancing in schools.

Mr Cameron took the opportunity in a radio interview to highlight the steps the government is taking to deal with the double-dip recession, unemployment and worsening financial crisis across the country, the main part of which includes a commitment to stamping out the worrying rise of the popularity of Bollywood style dancing classes amongst British youth.

In the interview, Mr Cameron  blamed the banking crisis in particular on a lack of regulation of Far Eastern style dancing under the previous Labour administration:

What is clear is that the present mess in the banking sector was caused by the failure of Gordon Brown to control the disturbing rise…

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