Boris Johnson – 2 hours of port a day “made me who I am”

Pride's Purge

Speaking at a press conference to set out plans for a lasting legacy to the Olympic Games, the London mayor, Boris Johnson has put himself on a collision course with David Cameron by insisting there should be “a compulsory two hours of port every day” for senior members of the government.

But Johnson’s prescription appeared to contradict the prime minister David Cameron, who has defended the scrapping of the more modest target of two hours compulsory port drinking a week by the education secretary, Michael Gove and other cabinet ministers.

However, Mr Johnson said he believed the government shared his passionate belief in the importance of port and other expensive kinds of alcohol, adding:

I think it is profoundly important for the happiness, for the success of this country that port takes its rightful place at the heart of everything we do in government. I would like frankly…

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