We Are The Many

Hope Not Hate

The HOPE Not Hate community -I you guys — are incredible. Yesterday, more than 36,000 people signed the pro-hope, anti-EDL letter published in today’s Daily Mirror. THANK YOU. (That number includes your name, Ben.) 

But today is the day that counts. Today, there will be racist marches across Britain. We must, must make our voices louder than the ignorant hatemongers out on the streets. Their intolerant Britain is not our Britain. We are the many. 

There are four things you can do right now to stand in solidarity with us. I’ve done them myself, and they take all of a few minutes. They matter. Will you do as many as you can? 

1. Speak out on on Twitter 

Tweet this message:

The EDL are marching today, but they don’t speak for Britain — or for me. Unite with us against hate: http://bit.ly/17aTVpX #WeAreTheMany

2. Speak out on Facebook 

Share our graphic:

Facebook graphic: Today the EDL march for hate. They do not speak for Britain. They do not speak for me. 

3. Stand in solidarity: change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture

First, right click the image below and choose “save as”. 

Then click here to change your profile picture on Twitter or click here to change it on Facebook. 


4. Finally: please forward this email to as many people as possible!

You reached the end and did them all! You’re amazing — thank you. 

— Eddie



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