What will be the impact of Covid-19 on the West Midlands economy?

Much is broadcast about the national and supranational affliction with 2019-nCoV.
The English Midlands are one of the metropolitan super-conurbations of the UK, one of the “powerhouses” of this Kingdom, from the Victorian metal smithing in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter in the West, to the high speed HS2 rail link into our Eastside and all the cutting-edge technology that attends and supports it. Novel Coronavirus and, in particular the attempt to retard it’s spread, will affect individuals not only through infection itself but through the social, public health, logistical and economic effects concomitant on lockdown.
The piece I reblog is a study into those issues as the affect the West Midlands, where I live and, currently, where I am locked down.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Below are links to 3 blogs by Andre Carrascal Incera, a researcher at Birmingham University, published recently on the City REDI Blog.

In a series of blogs regarding the economic effects of disruption, I identify three different ways in which the coronavirus COVID-19 could impact the West Midlands economy:

  1. National borders are closing worldwide limiting the connections between countries
  2. There’s going to be an increase in the demand for health services
  3. Some sectors are going to be closed due to the lockdown while the demand of others is going to increase or decrease because of people working from home.

Economic Exposure to COVID-19 (Part I): The Situation in the West Midlands Region – Closing the Borders

Posted on 20/03/2020

Economic Exposure to COVID-19 (Part I): The Situation in the West Midlands Region – Closing the Borders

This first blog will look at sectoral effects and then I will try to…

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