Donny throws Rudy under the bus, plus impeachment news and other headlines

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

There is one behavior (among many) Donald Trump has consistently shown when the heat from various investigations into his presidency and private life got too hot for him to take.  He always throws his closest associates under the bus in order to save himself.  Trump is nothing more than a raging megalomaniac without a shred of character, integrity, morality, or sophistication.  Like he did to Michael Cohen – his former personal lawyer and fix-it man who is rotting away in federal prison, he is doing now to Rudy Giuliani – his current “personal lawyer” and point-man in the Ukraine scandal who is under federal investigation for a bagful of potential criminal charges.

While Trump demands loyalty from everyone, he gives loyalty to no one.

However, Rudy said he has “insurance” to protect himself from Trump’s abandonment.  We’ll see.  Cohen came clean, but he went to jail…

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