What would E.T.s think of us?

Interesting article and comments, nice. Hence the reblog.
I just feel that if ET doesn’t read vehicles, structures, smart white goods (with a distributed group mind) as the dominant life forms here on Terra, all horribly infested with us swarming in out, under and over them, then from their observation of us, their access to history via the internet and their monitoring of our culture via the medium of the small and the large screen, they will steer well clear of us and our psychopathic tendencies.
Our first contact track record with intelligent species is not an enviable one: our expansion across continents, across the globe is a trail of subjugation, exploitation, and civilisation level annihilation – of our own kind. Our encounter with Cetaceans, aquatic cephalopods, and primates related to us is not so cheery either.
The jury is still out on whether or not we did for the Neanderthals.
Still, by the time it becomes an issue, we will have the proposed US Space Corps to act as the arm of interplanetary diplomacy.
(Sorry, the USSC is a gift from Vice President Pence that just keeps on giving.)

The Secular Jurist

Editorial note:  The following is a speculative thought experiment intended to provide an objective assessment of our species.  It projects the likely view of one possible external observer, and is not intended to characterize the nature of all such observers if in fact any actually exist.  Undoubtedly, extraterrestrial life would be as diverse as terrestrial life, and extraterrestrial civilizations would be similarly different from each other.  Since the perspective here is based on science, subjective and supernatural beliefs along with their associated moralities reside outside the purview of this presentation.

By Robert A. Vella

The Fermi paradox, or Fermi’s paradox (named after physicist Enrico Fermi), is the apparent contradiction between the lack of conclusive evidence and the high statistical probability for the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.  Our own human history provides ample reason to hypothesize that before a crucial survivability threshold is reached in their evolution, intelligent…

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