The revealing phrases used by Theresa May which show she is lying when she speaks

Although, to be honest and perfectly candid, the simple truth is that I’m not entirely certain that I agree with this list of phrases one hundred per cent.

Pride's Purge

Psychologists say people who are lying tend to use a few revealing words and phrases which betray their dishonesty.

For example, if an innocent person is accused of, say, stealing something, he or she will simply protest “No I didn’t steal it!”

A guilty person however, will be more likely to say: “Believe me, I didn’t steal it!” or “The honest truth is I didn’t steal it!” or “Let me be clear, I didn’t steal it!”.

And now – according to very interesting research by the Academy of Executive Coaching – we can now reveal the 10 most common phrases which cause distrust particularly when used by executives and politicians.

The ten most commonly used phrases which arouse suspicion and point to dishonesty are:

  1. If I’m honest…
  2. Let me be clear…
  3. Believe me…
  4. The honest truth is…
  5. The fact is…
  6. To be fair…
  7. In terms of…
  8. The…

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