Gove announces plan to phase out teaching in schools

Phasing out education so that the core function of making money may be better pursued…grrrr – that isn’t satire I’m afraid!

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Educational experts have expressed reservations over Education Secretary Michael Gove’s announcement that the coalition government intends to phase out teaching in state schools.

According to reports, government ministers have already started talks to phase out the provision of education in primary and secondary schools in order for schools to focus more on their core function of making money – without the need to teach pupils, as required by existing legislation. 

Some experts however have criticised the plans, saying the complete axing of all teaching in schools could possibly lead in some cases to pupils not actually learning anything at all.

A spokesperson for the Department for Education, explained the reasons for the plans:

One of the biggest obstacles to the smooth running of a school is the distraction of constantly having to teach things to children.

It’s clear that unless we allow our schools to be able to…

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