Jewellery Quarter eating & drinking guide

This is a good guide. I live in the Jewellery Quarter and eat out more often than not – a benefit of being single is not having to compromise.
While I might agree or disagree with individual details of this guide it has the twin benefits of being both comprehensive and bang up-to-date.
Excellent read and resource. Thank you very much, cheers and bon appetit!

Midlands Gourmet Girl

JQ sign

The launch of The Church pub and restaurant meant that I was back in my favourite part of Birmingham – the Jewellery Quarter. You’ll find my recommendations for bars, pub, cafés and restaurants in the Quarter in a new eating and drinking guide on the Destinations page.

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One foot in Sanity, the other in the adjoining parish, usually in the vicinity of the boundary between the two but sometimes straying into the main square of either and very occasionally taking occupation of the Town Hall...

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