BREAKING – far-right groups join forces in all-out campaign against English spelling

“…all terrorist’s should be executed – to make them think twice.”
I can’t be bothered to remove that bloody apostrophe.

Pride's Purge


Far-right groups the EDL and the BNP have joined forces this weekend to launch their biggest mobilisation for 30 years against English spelling with more than 50 demonstrations of appalling syntax and grammar planned in towns and cities across England. 

EDL leader Tommy Robinson launched the campaign against correctly written and spoken English earlier today by tweeting he was planning to lay a ‘reef’ at the War Memorial while carrying a banner saying “Sport Are Troops”.

And the BNP for its part started the campaign off with a warning to its members that auntie fashists may try to prevent them from protesting against terawrists, imogrunts and forynas.

Activists from both far-right groups also revealed the official slogan for the campaign:

EDL bad spelling

Not to be outdone by the demonstrations of tortured English by their fellow far-right activists, the UKIP also released a statement in support of the campaign saying all terrorist’s should…

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