‘Bedroom tax’ – study the alternative?

Like this. Subversive. We could also dub these arrangements ‘Study Tax’ – which in truth they do represent.
Whether it is a teenage student doing their homework, or a student engaged in study for a first degree, or an adult engaged in other lifelong learning the need for space in which to study is very important, often overlooked. Studying at the kitchen table while people cook and eat; studying in the living room while children play, people watch television or talk are both situations not conducive to effective learning.
Both situations are sadly too often all that is available. These changes are yet another break on the ability of those on benefits to find a route out.

Lifelong Learning Matters

Many people living in social housing in the UK are worried about losing benefits as new arrangements are being introduced this week. Welfare reforms will see tenants’ housing benefits cut if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home.

Whatever subtle distinctions politicians are making between the notion of a ‘bedroom tax’ or ‘removal of the spare room subsidy’, the proposals will affect an estimated 660,000 working-age tenants in social housing – 31% of existing working-age housing benefit claimants in the social sector. The majority of these people have only one extra bedroom and there’s a reported shortage of single bedroomed accommodation for people to move into.

The Government doesn’t define what the term ‘bedroom’ means, leaving the decisions to landlords. The bedroom tax makes no distinction between a single or a double bedroom. A room either is a bedroom or is not…

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