What a mess. I will be at Victoria Square at between 10.30 and 11am – my understanding from the multiple messages I have received is that the original muster point will be stewarded to direct people to Victoria Square. Experience tells me that if this march actually sets off at 11am sharp then it will possibly be the first time in human history.
When we get underway we need to be there, in numbers, loud and visible. The point of the demo is to harass the Tories in their conference, in the flagship authority they LOST in May, the first of the many reverses that will see them thrown out in 2015, or sooner. The point is not to paint regional TUC and local unions as bickering prats, however true, or untrue, that may, in fact, be.
Our efforts should now be aiming at bringing about a General Parliamentary Election at the earliest opportunity. This is what we need to be organising for.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Two days ago, the Midlands TUC changed the start time and assembly point of the Tory Conference demo from the High Street to Victoria Square, with an earlier assembly and march time, with plans to leave at 11am – the original assembly time.

Birmingham NUT have called for people to assemble on High Street at 11am as originally planned and to march up to Victoria Square for 11:30am, a call that we support, and ask everyone to go to the High Street, and for those at Victoria Square to wait until 11:30am to leave. Following is the message from Birmingham NUT:

This Sunday should see a good demonstration against the Tories in Birmingham and will be a major regional focus in the fight against austerity, privatisation and profiteering and we hope that unions and campaigns will turn out in force in this stepping stone to the 20th Oct London demo

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