The D4E has Mr Gove’s surreal agenda to prosecute. So this is not a betrayal by them. It is a betrayal by the governing body who would appear to come out of this as spineless liars. The Head, appears to be similarly tarnished.
This is an LEA school, so it will be interesting and instructive to see what response Birmingham City Council will offer. If I were a CEO of an organisation wherein my employees and officers planned to undermine operations, they’d be out. Disbanded. Sacked.
My opinion.

Ask Parents First

Parents who have been campaigning since May 2012 for a say in the future of their community school, learnt last night that the Secretary of State signed an academy order for the school months ago, despite there having been no consultation of any kind, and despite there being no sponsor or funding agreement in place.

Parents at West Heath Primary in south-west Birmingham have been campaigning since the spring against proposals to convert to a sponsored academy after it emerged that their school had been targeted for forced conversion by the DfE.  Parents soon learnt that plans were well-advanced despite not having been informed, but at no time did the Headteacher or Governors tell them that an Academy Order was already in place. The parents,  who have the support of their MP Richard Burden and local Councillor Brett O’Reilly, appealed to Governors and the Headteacher to stand up to the…

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