F.A. Cup final 1987, Coventry 3–Spurs 2, but British Rail were my real winners!

This match always puts me in mind of the Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch, in which Lenin, Marx, Mao and Che Guevara, believing themselves to be on a political debate show, find they are actually participants in a game show. One of the anglocentric football questions is this:
“Well bad luck there, Karl. So we’ll go onto you Che. Che Guevara – Coventry City last won the FA Cup in what year? (cut to Che looking dumbfounded) No? I’ll throw it open. Coventry City last won the FA Cup in what year? (they all look blank) No? Well, I’m not surprised you didn’t get that. It was in fact a trick question. Coventry City have never won the FA Cup.”
Clearly no longer the case post ‘87.
Then again Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson didn’t win the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest, so I am assuming certain comic licence.
Cheers Phil, great story, thanks for sharing.

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The cup final of 1987 was a remarkable match. Not only because it was Coventry City’s first and only appearance in the FA’s Wembley final, but for me, it was also one of the best days I ever spent with my late father in law Harry Moore. Tickets for the match were hard to come by in Coventry. Everybody in Godiva’s city wanted one, and I, as a young father couldn’t afford the official price let alone the ridiculous figures at which they changed hands in Coventry pubs. However, Harry ran a business in Foleshill Road and had obtained two tickets through the Chamber of Trade. He wasn’t really an avid football fan and confessed to me he really wanted to go for the community singing and marching bands that precedes the match. Still, a Wembley final is a special event and something everyone should experience at least once in…

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