Scientists create self-folding Lib Dem MPs which can fold at the slightest pressure

A modern and less visceral twist on the ‘How is the LibDem MP like a kipper’ riddle.

Pride's Purge


A team of engineers at Harvard University have designed a self-folding robot Lib Dem MP which is able to fold itself at the slightest pressure from its Tory coalition partner.

The scientists say their design – inspired by the ancient Japanese art of origami – will enable Lib Dem MPs to fold themselves and crawl without need for any human intervention.

The robotic dissembling Lib Dems are made from flat layers of fabricated material and are created without a spine, which will enable them to easily bend themselves into any position necessary to hold their position in government.

The Harvard engineers say they have also designed the self-folding Lib Dem robots to be able to tie themselves in knots trying to explain why they broke all their pre-election promises once they were in government.


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