Dear darling

I’m reblogging this because we are living in an age of one-dimensional masquerade. Our cultural icons and the role models the mass media drip feed us are tenuous cardboard cut-outs. Angular attractive grasping mannequins lacking depth or humanity.
The truth is so different. As you say, real men do cry, and to support or be supported by one you love are both sides of the same penny, the one which exemplifies just what being in a relationship is really about.
Not me, me, me but us, us, us – in lean times as well as fat.
Thank you for sharing. I was touched by your post and felt a need to react, these thoughts being, of course, my personal response.

Author: gogwit

One foot in Sanity, the other in the adjoining parish, usually in the vicinity of the boundary between the two but sometimes straying into the main square of either and very occasionally taking occupation of the Town Hall...

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