Adult educators – an ageing profession?

The article does raise concerns. In an ideal world there would be no need for ‘second chance learning’ because ‘life long learning’ would be central to an education system designed to fit the demands of a flexible population updating existing skills to keep abreast of rapid change in their areas of competence and reskilling completely to acquire the means to switch competencies.
We need a Victorian style Royal Commission to determine what an education system fit for purpose in the twenty-first and into the twenty-second century should look like; and how it should then be brought into existence.

Lifelong Learning Matters

Is there a problem brewing as many of our most skilled and experienced adult educators are growing older and a significant cohort is nearing retirement? Is our profession becoming a grey area? If so, we need to act now to make sure we have continuity by developing younger colleagues to pick up the baton. We need to make sure that much-needed enthusiasm, passion, understanding and know-how is not lost from this important area of teaching, learning, educational outreach and management.

(This blog is based on observation within the wider sector and awareness of the age profile in meetings and events. It is not focusing specifically on the WEA although we have to be aware of succession planning for our future sustainability.)

Adult and community educators have worked with determination and professionalism in a too-often overlooked field of education for decades. They act as teachers, advocates, advisers, mentors and managers who know…

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