A world where women jog toppless

The film is whimsy: part amusing, part disturbing. Ultimately a satirical piece which addresses the idea that the display of power is often unpleasant. The gender role reversal theme is an interesting, though hardly novel, plot device. Gender discrimination is, possibly, the oldest form of discrimination; hence deeply ingrained and, perhaps, the most difficult to overcome. As enlightening as the film is the discussion responses to it on YouTube. That such anger and such violent responses have been made – and made publicly – is an eye-opening confirmation that criticism of such a deeply held, almost cherished, distribution of power is too disturbing and too threatening for some to consider. Thanks for this thought-provoking post.


It may not live up to the fantasy.

Majorité Opprimée  (Oppressed Majority)

This tasteful, French short by Éléonore Pourriat highlights the nuances of gender norms we take for granted.   With a satirical eye, she depicts at the emotional constraints placed on men and the sexual/intellectual isolation of women to show a world of complete role reversal.

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