Education, schooling, Gove and Gramsci

Ann a fascinating insight. Of course there are reasons why there should be a resonance between Gove and Gramsci, not least because of their emergence into intellectualism from humble and austere beginnings. That Gove has gone on to become an exemplar organic intellectual while Gramsci typifies the traditional mode is perhaps a function of geography and epoch – a reflection of zeitgeist in their formative years.
And you are right to allude to the embryonic counter hegemony emerging – very evident in the social media – to the prevailing incarnation of the education vs schooling hegemony which currently favours schooling in its most functional and utilitarian guise.
Much food for thought here, thank you for stimulating my grey matter.

Lifelong Learning Matters

‘Education’ is rarely out of the news these days, with a conveyor belt of reviews and reforms. Some recent social media exchanges have highlighted the distinction, made by the Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci amongst others, between ‘education’ and ‘schooling’.

While we should acknowledge and welcome the fact that existing funding for adult andcommunity learning was protected in last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review given the current economic climate, it seems that most of the reported policy discussion about ‘education’ is actually about ‘schooling’. The main focus appears to be on ideology and control in primary and secondary education.

Speaking at the recent Sunday Times Festival of Education, Prof. A C Grayling suggested that, “Teaching to the exam has squeezed out education in favour of schooling” (Earlier this year,Grayling placed a bid to open a free secondary school in Camden.)

In this context, it’s interesting to remember that Education Secretary Michael Gove told the Social Market…

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