UKIP activist threatens to sue anyone who points out he called Lee Rigby’s family ‘idiots’

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Ho hum. Another week and yet another threat of being sued.

This time the threat’s from a UKIP activist – which is a bit strange for a so-called libertarian who’s supposed to be in favour of less state interference in people’s lives.

Well actually – on that theme – if there’s one thing annoys me more than anything else it’s a bunch of right-wing Thatcherite authoritarians trying to make out they’re libertarians. After all – I can’t think of anything less libertarian than wanting the government to decide who you can and can’t get married to – can you?

No – UKIP are about as libertarian as I’m a catwalk model.

This latest threat of libel comes from UKIP activist Marty Caine – who seems to be a bit upset about me pointing out that he labelled the family of Drummer Lee Rigby ‘idiots’…

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