Local elections 2014

Be very careful not to return the ConDems in 2014. However dire the local government situation, campaign for a democratic left-wing solution.
Albert Bore is NOT Mike Whitby, Paul Tilsley or any of that dreadful shower, who -in my opinion ought to be surcharged for their negligent mismanagement of our city and barred from holding office.
Beware doctrinaire bullshit and elect our friends and champions to the council.
By all means, field independents – but don’t put the Tories back in power.


 At the March 16th Birmingham anti-cuts meeting, it was overwhelmingly agreed to mount an electoral challenge to pro-cuts Councillors as soon as feasible. This was shortly after not one of the 77 strong Labour Group voted to oppose the massive cuts imposed on Birmingham by the ConDem government. There was one abstention.
The May 22nd 2014 Council elections will feature urban areas, including Birmingham, unlike the most recent ones which were largely rural. These elections will be a major test of opinion before the next general election and it is important that the left relates to them in a big way. We do not want to the protest vote to go to the right in the form of parties such as UKIP; we intend to give voters the opportunity to vote against austerity from a left-wing standpoint. There will be no concessions to racism and scapegoating.
The candidates we would…

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