Now … A Real Life Musical Interlude


hehehehehehe … he said ‘lude’ hehehe heh heh hehehe

I’ve been an advocate of just stopping the ride in the middle of the day’s events and looking around, enjoying the very fact of being alive. Whether it is to watch a squirrel eat, or children playing, or anything that is ‘living’ it really doesn’t matter. Just stop and enjoy the experience of being alive.

I subscribe to the Youtube channel ‘soulpancake‘ and it offers a large stream of living… people being alive and sharing those moments in various ways. Some of it is hit and miss but all of it is reality viewing. These videos really struck a chord with the part of me that just wants to stop the roller coaster for a few and enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too.

With summer on its way, perfect…


In case you wondered, as I did, The…

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Author: gogwit

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