Gove’s claims of teenagers’ ignorance harpooned by retired teacher | Politics |

An excellent read. Showing, yet again, that the evidence base for current UK education policy does not hold water, much less stand up to the most basic scrutiny.


Gove’s claims of teenagers’ ignorance harpooned by retired teacher | Politics |

The man is an absolute disaster.  One might be tempted to advise him to pay less attention to the UK’s relationship with the European Union and more time focussed on his brief.  The danger of that is he might actually do more damage given the opportunity.

The education secretary, Michael Gove, has come under fire for citing PR-commissioned opinion polls as evidence of teenagers’ ignorance of important historical events.

Gove’s department has admitted he cited polls originating from Premier Inn and UKTV Gold press releases, prompting the Labour MP and historian Tristram Hunt to label him “Mr Sloppy”.

In a Mail on Sunday article published in March, Gove said: “Survey after survey has revealed disturbing historical ignorance, with one teenager in five believing Winston Churchill was a fictional character while 58% think Sherlock Holmes…

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