Teachers unite to challenge Gove

We are all in this together – against them.
The unelected, mandate-less coalition are determined to destroy the society we have built, which they despise and deny. Blink and the legacy of universal education and public service free at the point of use bequeathed to us by our parents, grand parents and great grand parents will be given away to spivs and speculators.


Three halls in the ICC were required to accommodate the joint NUT/NASUWT regional rally today. The best part of one thousand teachers came to hear defiant speeches from Kevin Courtney (NUT), Chris Keates (NASUWT) and other teachers, parents, governors and students, denouncing the damage that is being done to education and teachers by Gove’s “reforms”.  The rally was preceded by a lively march of 130 teachers, from the bottom of Corporation Street up to the Convention Centre.
Kevin Courtney set the scene by describing how public influence over education was being replaced by private. He reminded us that academies have been shown not to raise standards, unlike other initiatives such as City Challenge. The ending of the latter programme and the bringing in of unqualified teachers will not only reduce standards, but also drive down pay. This has been shown graphically by the failure of the Swedish “Free (privatised – run for…

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