Living in an Unreal World: Can we leave this Mad Hatters Tea Party?

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One of the most common dismissals of those trying to make the world a better place is ‘get real’. Ironic, given the complete distortion of reality that governments and corporations are creating for us today. Our beef is horse, our horses are on steroids, our money is debt, and our public services are private. Daily life seems to consist of a Mad Hatters Tea Party where people are sipping imaginary tea and scoffing from empty plates as they occupy an ever less real world.



How much of the high performance we see in the world of sport is natural human endeavour, and how much is an unattainable result based on performance enhancing drugs?

The world of cycling’s biggest hero, Lance Armstrong was found to have been part of an extremely sophisticated doping regime.  Armstrong had won the Tour de France seven consecutive times, despite undergoing treatment for…

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Author: gogwit

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