Cameron woos Right by encouraging loveless marriage with tax breaks

Pride's Purge

(satire – barely)

David Cameron has reached out to the Tory right by promising to table a Commons vote on encouraging couples to get married so they can pay less tax – rather than because they love each other.

Amid concerns on the Tory Right that the Prime Minister has no feel for their concerns, Mr Cameron said that he can force the right-wing touchstone issue of getting married to someone you don’t love simply in order to avoid paying as much money as possible in taxes, because he is technically the most senior Treasury minister.

In an interview with the Conservative Home website, Mr Cameron said:

It’s clear that if we are to get the economy on its feet again, the country can no longer afford to continue to prioritise luxuries such as love and romance and all those other things the Left think are so important.

That’s why as…

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