To Stop Female Genital Mutilation In The UK, Follow (And Invest) The Money

“Let’s unfailingly call FGM ‘child abuse’, so that everyone, parents, teachers, medics, lawyers and the police alike, know that we mean this seriously: female genital mutilation is a crime, always. It will not be tolerated. It will have unavoidable legal consequences.”
Cogent analysis and well-argued. So refreshing to see argument of this subject a) at all – it is now on the radar and the subject of discussion; b) addressing the issue in terms other than it being ethically and morally wrong.

Hilary Burrage

Silver 'coins'To some it may seem heartless, but surely it’s obvious: If we really, seriously want to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) we have to move beyond the moralising – essential as it is – and follow the money. And we must understand the market. Yes, female genital mutilation is irreducibly a moral and cultural issue. But, absolutely correctly, no modern western state can leverage, or justify, much in the way of legally imposed moral and cultural determinism.
Culture change on its own is difficult. It’s money which talks.

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