Budget 2013: Millions Suffer, Millionaires Laughing

But hey, as a non-driver, beer drinker and hermit with no dependents this feels like a budget for everyday folk like me…

Scriptonite Daily


UK Chancellor George Osborne took today waved a red box full of broken promises at the country’s 99%.   Here are some key points of the budget and the litany of failures to date which have made the rich richer by making the poor poorer.

Cleaning up the Mess Left by Labour


There was a mess left by Labour; but it wasn’t too many nurses and teachers, decent pensions and pay for public sector workers or a welfare state that took care of those in need.  The mess left by Labour was a deregulated financial market, a bloated banking sector, an unprecedented erosion of our civil liberties, illegal foreign invasions, and costly privatisations of our public services to profit making private providers.

This was the mess that led us to a crisis of the banking sector, and an over indebted public purse which snapped with the Bankers Bailout.  The…

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