Revisiting from the realm of the undead, an old and dirty tactic. When an unpopular right-wing government, having made significant losses at local level wants to distance themselves from the cuts and mire their opponents with the fallout, they hand budgetary responsibility to local government.
And true to form, the left turn on each other in a frenzy, while the Tories sit back, open their popcorn, place their bets and laugh at the spectacle.
Brothers and Sister, Comrades, Friends and Colleagues: focus your anger and commitment where it belongs. Albert Bore is not the author of this, Cameron, Clegg, Pickles, Osborne and the rest of the ConDem wrecking crew are.
Protest the Tory Cuts, not our Council.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Birmingham’s Labour Party Group have today announced that there will be extra cuts in next years budget, likely to be around £50m on top of the £70m already known about. This will cost at least a further 1,000 full time jobs at the council at a time when unemployment continues to rise in the region. £600m will need to be cut from the budget by 2017 – nearly 50% of the discretionary spending that Birmingham City Council had before the financial crisis.

Speaking on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning, Albert Bore, leader of the Labour Party Group, said this was due to further cuts in grants being made by Eric Pickles, the local government secretary and because previous cuts hadn’t delivered the anticipated savings. He said this signalled “the beginning of the end of local government as we know it”.
You can listen to Albert Bore on iPlayer from…

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