It is amazing what a change in the political complexion of a large political entity like a city council can yield. Suddenly decisions previously unchallenged despite the great cost to the council tax payer run into scrutiny and the warning words of practitioners and stakeholders are heeded.
Imagine how the nation might benefit from a change of governance, from one which has lost support even upon its lack of popular mandate, to one with the confidence of the electorate. Enough said.

Education Workers

IWW Education Workers were recently at the forefront of raising awareness about issues surrounding the wiping out of budget deficits of newly-converted academies. These issues have led to the City Council’s decision to put the creation of 8 academies on hold. If the original plans had been allowed to stand, £1.3 million of taxpayers’ money, which was owed to the council by the schools, would have been written off with the new academies starting with a financial clean slate. This would have meant the people of Birmingham subsidising schools which are no longer accountable to the local community and which are often run by private organisations which have little, if any, stake in the areas in which their schools are based.
One related issue which has not been raised so far concerns redundancies in schools about to become academies. At least one of the 8 proposed academies has…

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