As Holland and Barrett and Pizza Hut, amongst other well known high street names, can attest, there really is no need, nor stomach, for Workfare here. It is a doctrinaire attempt to inject alien ideology into the British body-politic and as with many poorly thought through xenografts, being vigorously rejected by the host.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Youth Fight For Jobs are holding a Protest against workfare profiteers, ESG at 1pm on Friday (3rd August), at their offices on Galbraith House, Great Charles street in Birmingham city centre.

ESG group currently hold a contract worth £4m over four years, for the government’s “work experience” schemes in the West Midlands. In reality, this represents yet another stick for the government to beat the unemployed with, as those who have been claiming Job Seeker’s for over six months are forced into working for free for companies such as Tesco, WH Smith and McDonald’s.

The government have recently announced that the Community Action Program will be expanded, pushing 1 million people into 6 months of forced unpaid work. This will involve an individual doing 780 hours of community service – over twice as much as the maximum sentence of 300 hours allowed for community service when convicted of breaking…

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