Anybody care to remind me what happened the last time a tax like this was introduced. For example, just what was the level of compliance for paying the Community Charge? And can anyone tell me how much was left uncollected when it was dismantled.
So, if this is not about a workable system for funding local government, what is it?
Did I hear someone shout: “Just another bloody big stick to beat the poorest with, yet another means to criminalise those without the means to meet the cost?”
Of course, it is also there to demonise the evil Councillors – many of whom are of a leftish persuasion since May this year.

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Birmingham City Council yesterday said that due to cuts in central government funding for council tax benefit, it would have to find nearly £12m. Their preferred proposal for this would be to make claimants pay 20% of the council tax due on their property except disabled people and families with children under the age of 6. The ConDem coalition have already said that pensioners cannot have their council tax benefit cut.

This means that anyone who is unemployed or in low paid work will have to find £224 / year on an average property from April 2013. This will raise the £12m necessary to cover the shortfall. Unfortunately, the cuts are being implemented (and hidden) as part of a change to council tax benefit, localising the handling of payments. This new system will cost Birmingham City Council an additional £15m to administer, which wipes out any savings…

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