The most important thing about this letter is not in any promise of action, nor even in the content. What matters is that the position of Birmingham City Council has been discussed, re-evaluated and stated publicly; all this in response to public concern and reasoned, reasonable yet assertive, campaigning.

Ask Parents First

A report from the Alliance Against Birmingham Academies

Birmingham Labour Council says its principle is ‘Not to force schools down any route: Staying with current arrangements will remain an option for all schools.’

 This commitment is in a letter sent on 11th July by Brigid Jones, the Cabinet Member for Education, to all schools and teacher unions. It represents a significant change of policy from that of the previous administration. It means that every primary school under threat of forced academisation can now say NO to Gove and tell Briscoe, the DfE’s hitman in Birmingham, to get off the premises.

Gove will not give up on his forced academy programme without a fight. School communities – teachers, support staff, parents, governors – in alliance with the Local Authority need to be preparing now to fight back individually and collectively across Birmingham.

11 July 2012

Letter to all Birmingham Schools

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