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You can be elected a school governor of a LA school as a member of staff or as a parent. You can be co opted on. Or you can be appointed as a LA governor.
As a governor in a Birmingham LA school you will have access to training and support. You can develop a voice that demands meaningful democratic oversight of the management and direction of a local school. Though there are governing bodies which are spineless rubber stamps for autocratic headteachers, there are many more where the governors behave like the managers they, in fact and in law, are supposed to be.
Why not give it a try!

Ask Parents First

There have always been good reasons to become a school governor, but in these times of change with schools being bullied into giving up control to private sponsors, the looming threat of our schools being run for profit and the consequent loss of education as a public good, it has never been so important.

Becoming a school governor is a significant commitment, but is a great way to ensure you have a say in the future of your local school. You don’t need to have a family member at a school or college to become a governor. Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities.

You can apply to be a school governor:

  • directly to your school
  • through your local authority
  • by filling in the application form on the School Governors’ One Stop Shop (SGOSS) website

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