“Many people don’t use Twitter so, if the last paragraph seems like a foreign language, you might like to share comments here about events or personal  experiences of volunteering with the WEA or its impact (and / or request a course in social media!).”

And it is the parenthetical clause ending that quote (above) which exemplifies the impact, importance and “can do” attitude of WEA and those who support it’s activities.

Lifelong Learning Matters

It’s Volunteers’ Week from 1-7 June and the WEA is joining in the annual celebration organised by Volunteering England. It has been estimated that volunteers contribute approximately 84,000 hours per year to the WEA and Ruth Spellman, our Chief Executive, has paid tribute to WEA volunteers on our website at:


Ruth points out that volunteers contribute to the work of the WEA in a staggering variety of roles including: 

• Acting as Community Learning Champions to promote the value of adult learning, particularly in disadvantaged communities
• Acting as a conduit for feedback from students as Class Secretaries and Learner Representatives
• Arranging and promoting local courses through WEA branches
• Voluntary Education Advisers (VEAs) working on the WEA/ Unison Return to Learn courses.
• Running promotional and fundraising events
• Providing classroom support by helping with skills development such as literacy, language, numeracy and IT
• Supporting individuals with specific physical or learning difficulties
• Working in…

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  1. Many thanks for reblogging this and for your comments.

    I’m impressed by the way that you curate your blog and pull together such a range of interested and relevant commentary.


    1. Thank you, very much, for your positive comments and for your encouragement. That it is a pleasure to read, consider and reblog your content is, in itself, a comment on your skill as a communicator.


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