The clear point that is often missed in current popular debate on education is that our system has lost its way. The existing state system has been failing since the early 1980s and the current process of opting out of the state system involves moving to ad hoc provision with no direction. Some form of alternative manifesto is required.

Ask Parents First

We are very excited to have been invited to contribute our thoughts and ideas to an innovative project called Edchange2012. The project aims to develop a dialogue in creating an alternative view and manifesto for education in England.

The Edchange2012 group intends to canvas as widely as they can over the next few months to develop, change and add to their ideas. Phil Wood and Joan Smith, both academics at the University of Leicester, will be visiting the Ask Parents First group in June to run a workshop with the APF parents to gather their views on educational futures.

Edchange2012’s initial ideas cover a diverse range of issues including;

  • Learning Approaches
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • School structures and systems
  • Teachers as learners, collaborators and researchers
  • Centrality on development for all
  • Equal Access
  • Inclusion
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Schools as socially just places
  • Social change

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