Reminiscent of the poster that brought Margaret Thatcher to power?
Here are some interesting points about the ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ poster of Election ’79:
The queue was made up of extras looking for a part; Fewer than 100 turned up so the queue effect was mocked up by repeating groups of the same people over and over; The poster was voted poster of the century by readers of the advertising industry magazine, ‘Campaign.’
The poster was inspired, powerful and decisive: The treasurer of the Conservative Party considered it to have secured the landslide victory.
Well, that and the Winter of Discontent…

Birmingham Against The Cuts

We’ve got a new poster available
If you come to one of our planning meetings, then you can pick up copies there – if you can’t come, please email and we’ll look to arrange delivery to you via someone in your area who can collect from us.

We’ve argued that austerity cannot solve our economic problems – and the GDP figures for the first quarter of 2012 confirmed that we are back in recession – a double-dip recession because we never grew back to where we were before 2008.

Put the poster up in your window or workplace and help spread the message – austerity isn’t working, Britain is better off with the alternatives.

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