My brother’s ME was initially passed off as Glandular Fever. After a couple of years his GP realised this was probably not the correct diagnosis. A younger colleague of his GP had heard of ME, not then a valid diagnosis, and had the balls to call it as such. Meanwhile my brother had developed H.Pyloris infection and multiple gastric ulcers caused by the over prescription of painkillers, which nearly killed him and required hospitalisation.
And his own GP’s verdict was that he was a workshy malingerer.
My brother can work, but not to any predictable schedule. He is functionally unemployable, not because he is incapable – he is in fact a competent and skilled worker – but because most HR models cannot accommodate sporadic work patterns.

Author: gogwit

One foot in Sanity, the other in the adjoining parish, usually in the vicinity of the boundary between the two but sometimes straying into the main square of either and very occasionally taking occupation of the Town Hall...

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