”My aim is not necessarily to make you think as I do but I shall have failed in my purpose if I do not succeed in making you think.”

Beautiful use of language, excellent statement of intent.

Lifelong Learning Matters

Thanks to Peter Threadkell, Chair of the WEA’s Eastern Region, for inviting me to the Regional Council meeting in Cambridge on Saturday 10th March.

The meeting attracted a lively crowd of people who seemed to be chatting enthusiastically or listening intently throughout the day. At a rough estimate more than 100 people were there, with most of them being active volunteers. Various people described long journeys with early morning starts when they talked to me during breaks. Their commitment to the WEA is impressive.

The day was a good mix of formal business and workshop sessions on a range of themes that included:

  • Publicity and marketing – How do we attract more learners to WEA courses? (Andrew Westwood-Bate)
  • The role of the Community Programme within WEA (Gorete Downey and Sarah Moore)
  • Branch Committees – How do we attract new volunteers and what can be done if we can’t? (Ron…

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