Tories Plot to Limit Number of Times You Can Visit Your GP…and Worse

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A discussion paper has been released this week through the Conservative Policy Forum seeking the views of Tory activists on major changes to health policy.  There is only one reason for these questions to be asked – the Conservative party are seeking to deliver them and want to ensure the support exists among their core. This includes asking activists whether they believe there should be a limit on the number of times a person can visit their GP each year.  These questions threaten the basic principles of the NHS.

The Principles of the NHS


The National Health Service was launched by Labour Health Minister Aneurin Bevan, on July 5th 1948, with three founding principles:

  • that it meet the needs of everyone
  • that it be free at the point of delivery
  • that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay

The questions addressed to Tory activists…

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The UKIP – under us thousands will lose their jobs and most will pay more tax (not satire)

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

In an extraordinary interview with the business publication London Loves Business, the man in charge of UKIP’s economic policy – their shadow chancellor Godfrey Bloom – has admitted that if the party were to win the next election most people in the UK will pay more tax.

Official UKIP policy is to introduce a flat rate of income tax at 31% – although in the interview Bloom says he would prefer a flat rate of 25%.

However, most people in the UK pay the basic income tax rate of 20% – which would mean a massive tax increase of 5%-11% for the people on the lowest incomes under the UKIP proposals.

And obviously a flat rate of tax without the highest brackets would also mean a massive cut in tax for the richest people in the country.

In the interview, Bloom also rather…

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Hubble Image of Ring Nebula (M57 or NGC 6720)

Daniel W Ostler's Internet Reference Site ©

Hubble Reveals the Ring Nebula's True Shape



Hubble Image (above) supplemented by some infrared data from earth-bound telescopes. Image below is what we generally get here on earth:


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2013 Annual Cheese-Rolling Race!

Stephen Liddell

This past Bank-Holiday Monday saw the weird and wonderful calendar of oddball traditions and activities in Britain move to Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire.  Though the world media concentrates on sporting events such as Wimbledon, Badminton Horse Trials, Sailing, Formula 1 and The Open what most of us are interested in are much more low-key events spread throughout these few summer months.  Whether it be nettle-eating contests, conker championships, worm charming tournaments or a variety of other idiotic pastimes, there is something for everyone in the oddball sporting calendar in Britain.  Perhaps one of the highest profile of these is the annual Cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire.

Coopers Hill is a steep hill of about 500 feet (with an approximate 70 degree incline and sees the madcap and ever so slightly suicidal sport of chasing a giant circular cheese down the hill with the person who first grabs the cheese at…

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English Defence League steps up campaign against garden fences in England

Pride's Purge


Forged in suburban English gardens and targeting what they see as divisive horticultural barriers separating communities, back-yard fence extremists and anti-plastic railing splinter groups are returning to the streets in an increasingly violent form.

In the back room of a sparsely decorated pub in Bolton a man with a bald head and a petunia tattoo poking out above his shirt collar is giving a speech. It is just after 11am but behind him the pub is already packed with middle-aged, mainly white, men and women.

Suddenly it erupts.

“We are being swamped by a wave of artificial fencing from Asia and elsewhere. Bring back our hedges … down with PVC-covered chain link fences and wood plastic composite lattice-fence panels. We will de-fence England or die trying!” The chants ring out as tables are thumped and wine glasses are thrust into the air.

“It is going to be a…

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Library of Birmingham – round one to us


For everyone who missed the article in the Birmingham Mail yesterday, Birmingham City Council has been put the defensive in a big way with its plans to privatise Birmingham’s new central Library. Our campaigning is paying off. While it was on the 9th April that the Leader and Deputy leader of the Council took the decision to pull back from the tendering process (see press release below), it was us who spotlighted what was going on behind the scenes, in particular by our press releases on the 28th April and our interview on the Radio WM Adrian Goldberg show on 30th April. The important thing to note about the stopping of the tendering process however is that they still plan to privatise in the long-term, so we need to keep a close eye on things.
We have to ask, what is the Labour Party doing in moving towards privatisation? They have…

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Two New Verses.

Childish Song, No.2 – without refrain.

If you ever meet somebody,
Somebody you fall in love with,
When you meet that somebody,
Surely you must tell them;

Tell them that you really love them,
Love them and adore them only:

Or however will they ever know,
Know just how you feel toward them?
How will they know that it’s alright,
Alright that they feel this way too?

Ben A Harvey
May 2013.

© Ben A Harvey. All rights reserved

Real Men: A Lament.

Real men have no manners.
Real men have no grace.
Real men never say ‘please’ or ‘thank you.’
Such things simply have no place
In a real man’s world.

Real men do not sit by bedsides.
Real men do not stay to hold your hand.
Real men’s eyes never brim with tears.
Such things – such things – have no place
In a real man’s world.

Real men go on expeditions.
Real men return after you have died.
Real men place lilies on your grave.
‘To have and to hold’ has no place
In a real man’s world.

Real men will start a charity.
Real men will raise money in your name.
Real men will say it is what you’d have wanted;
But what you wanted had no place
In a real man’s world.

Ben A Harvey
May 2013.

© Ben A Harvey. All rights reserved.

Scriptonite Weekly Digest

It has just been a weird week. Planetary alignment; or the inevitable corollary of the country being ruled, gung-ho, on-the-hoof and off-the-cuff (not to mention off-the-wall) with reactive policy making by a cabal of chancers.

Scriptonite Daily

Hi readers,

What a strange, sad and worrying week it has been.  We have seen everything this week.  Police raiding the homeless in co-ordinated assaults, confiscating their food and shelter; G4S being invited in to profit from rape; the first bailiff notices coming in for Bedroom Tax victims; brutal murder; racial conflict…it’s been a weird week. It feels like the whole context of the week has been atrocity.

A reminder though that even when the context is atrocity, we can find love, joy and hope in our lives by sharing with each other.  Sharing our time, our food, our love, and our ambitions for ourselves and our communities with each other makes the difference.  We feel less alone, because we become less alone.  We feel less angry because we have a productive outlet for our rising frustrations.  It pays to get involved.

It also feels like the whole world has…

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David Cameron isn’t even among friends in his own cabinet now | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer

For My Ukthi

Nineteen. Forty. Seven

There must have been lightning,
Or a flash of light at least,
Across the skies,
The day that I met you, my sister.

There were unknown threads,
Lines of silver yarn,
That already tied us together.
There was a bridge constructed,
Between my Derby,
And your Abassan al Kabir,
Joining our hearts,
In something that felt like justice,
In the middle of this occupation.

We lined warm embraces,
With the exchange of stories,
Of lives,
Of all the things that tore us apart,
And the ones that built us back up.
There were secrets from the depths of us,
There was hope – she was smiling at us both,
And in its centre you stood there,
Smiling in the face of defeat.

You taught me Arabic – the Gazan type,
So I speak to your Ummi now,
And I told you about my motherland,
You Palestinians are the only…

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