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“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”
Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

In 2008, a private sector financial crisis caused by an unregulated, unethical, global financial services industry was turned into a public sector financial crisis by the banker’s bailout.  Since then, a broad toolkit of propaganda techniques has been applied to rewrite this history.  Political and Corporate efforts seek to divide sections of the poor and middle class to fight one against the other; to see enemies in our midst which do not exist; to see the free market and the idea of competition as the solution rather than the cause of our problems. We must become critical thinkers, if we are not to succumb to the DoubleThink that had 2 + 2 equal 5 in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

What Is Propaganda?



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Just one more reason for joining the Birmingham Education Conference at Birchfield Community School on Saturday 9 March…

Birmingham Campaign For State Education

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the incredible Birmingham Schools Azaad Dhol group will be opening our Birmingham Education Conference. Here they are performing at the Adrian Boult hall a few years ago:

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This excellent site is Birmingham CASE’s online point-of-presence.
Find out about the Campaign for State Education;
Find out about the forthcoming Birmingham Education Conference;
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Be supportive of this attempt to make sense of what should constitute universal education fit for the twenty-first century.

Birmingham Campaign For State Education

The Campaign for State Education, Birmingham, presents the Birmingham Education Conference – a vision for all Birmingham’s children.

Saturday 9th March 2013
Birchfield Primary
Aston B6 6AJ

Download the flyer here

Birmingham Schools Conference flyer


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“At the rally… young people called on Councillors to walk in their shoes…”
Is there any indication that any of the Councillors of this great city are prepared to do this, or are some of those for whom they have responsibility not worth listening to?

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Save Birmingham Youth Service Feb 2nd Rally (22)Save Birmingham Youth Service held a rally in Chamberlain Square yesterday, calling on the Labour council to defy the Tory cuts and stop the slashing of their budget which is threatened with £1.5m of cuts – a third of their budget. These cuts will see youth centres close, youth workers get laid off and more young people left without help, support or a space which they have some control over. At the city centre consultation budget consultation, one young person warned Birmingham City Council that they would not be able to handle the reaction to these closures.

At the rally yesterday, young people called on councillors to walk in their shoes, and recounted their tales of how the youth service helps them.

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