Brilliant! A must read and also a good game to try yourself.

Pride's Purge

You must have heard about the theory of 6 Degrees of Separation – you know the idea that everyone in the world is personally connected to anyone else on Earth by on average only six people.

There was even a Hollywood film and a game – Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – in which everyone in Hollywood is given a ‘Bacon Number’ depending on whether they have worked on a film directly with the actor Kevin Bacon (Bacon Number 1) or has worked with someone else who has (Bacon Number 2) or worked with someone who has worked with someone who has worked on a film with him (Bacon Number 3) etc etc etc.

So what’s Kevin Bacon got to do with politics you may be wondering?

Well I’m old enough to remember the rise of the far-right National Front in the 1970s and its subsequent decline in the 1980s –…

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Birmingham Against The Cuts

This weekend, Boycott Workfare are organising days of national action against workfare, and in Birmingham we’ll be taking part on Friday, with a lunchtime demonstration outside InTraining, one of the workfare profiteers, whose failure to help jobseekers led to one contacting us with his story, which you can read here.

With workfare schemes being expanded, and a new scheme being piloted in London, forcing school leavers to do a 3 month forced work placement as soon as they sign on, it is important that we show and build resistance to these schemes which force unemployed and disabled people into unsuitable work placements that threatens paid jobs and fails to help jobseekers into work.

You can read more about workfare and why we support the Boycott Workfare campaign in this post

Friday 7th September
12noon – 1pm

4 Norton Street, Hockley, B18 5RQ

Accessibility information: The nearest…

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Excellent commentary on the value of long term planning. Nice to be reminded that there are horizons beyond the next gate, that ideas can take root, grow and stand the test of time.

Lifelong Learning Matters

This is a guest blog by Ruth Spellman, the WEA’s General Secretary

My vote for educational influencers would probably go to RH Tawney for all the reasons why I applied to become General Secretary of the WEA, and why I have had a lifetime’s commitment to improving access to learning.One of my favourite quotes from Tawney;“The purpose of the association is to provide for men and women who want to take their bearings on the world, opportunities of co-operative study, in congenial company, with a leader who knows enough of his business to be not only a leader but a fellow student.”

The quote has huge resonance today as more and more of our language and discourse is dominated by the need to re-examine short term returns, short term profits, short term gratification for the consumer, short term windfalls and bonuses.  Education (as Tawney reminds us) is a longer term investment enabling us to participate in and benefit from…

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